Living In Survival Mode

It feels like a whole lotta nothing, but clearly something has been going on here these days. It's been a whole lotta let's try to get you to take this medicine before we take this medicine. And a whole lotta I know it's 1AM and you still can't sleep. And a whole lotta what shall we fix you to eat that is low salt/low...Read More

What Will My Children Say About Me When They Are Grown?

My husband and I had a cup of coffee together this morning. Both boys were up half the night.  The only advantage of this, is that they slept in and we were able to steal some precious morning moments together. And by precious moments, I mean both of our eyes barely open, yawning, mentioning that the garbage needs to be taken out, how much...Read More

The Definition of Insanity and Motherhood

My first serious boss, at my first serious job, used to repeat it over and over. It was a mantra to try new approaches, to work harder, to get the job done. A few years later, when I was now the serious boss, I used to say the same thing to my team, expecting creativity, diligence and success. The statement has been mis-attributed to...Read More

I Fail My Family Everyday

"You are such a good mom." "Please tell me how you stay so patient with your son." "I have no idea how you do it." These are real quotes from comments and messages I received this week. I am encouraged and grateful for the compliments, the encouragement, and support. Thank you. And... I am conscious of the fact that most of you only see...Read More

Because Every Day Matters

How We Live Our Days I have had a sinking feeling for weeks now. It wasn’t any one thing that triggered it – it was more the slow progression of many things, one after the other, building over the course of days and then weeks. It finally culminated in last week’s meltdowns. We are sliding backwards. It happens. It has happened to us before....Read More