When You Want To Quit (and you will want to quit)

I am really struggling with everything right now. The constant meltdowns are just getting to be too much. I am not sure I can do this much longer. How do you do all this and not feel like you want to quit? A sweet mom emailed me this question last week. I receive a variation of this all the time. All. The. Time. I...Read More

Depression and Mothering A Child With Special Needs

It's been coming on for a while now. And with good reason. The list of diagnoses and medicines. The boys' meltdowns and anxiety attacks. The constant hypervigilance. The lack of sleep. The loss of any real personal time. And, the intense grief that my youngest is spinning out of control in a mood disorder that has taken over his mind. This time, it didn't...Read More

When You Feel Like You Are Failing As A Mom

I have spent the last few days feeling a deep sense of anxiety. It begins when I open my eyes in the morning and ends when I finally drift off to sleep late at night. "You should've done math with him yesterday." "You forgot to soak his injured foot like the doctor said. What if he gets an infection and it's all your fault?"...Read More

Living In Fear Of The Next Bad Thing

Last night, just as the sun was setting, my son had an idea. "Let's build a fire outside and just relax." His enthusiasm was contagious. Although this is typically something I would not do until my husband was home (he is officially in charge of all things outdoorsy and fire-y), the sight of now both of my sons, jumping up and down with excitement,...Read More