When My Expectations Don’t Match My Reality

"I think you might be losing sight of the fact that he has an autism spectrum diagnosis. That's not going away. We need to talk about adjusting your expectations." This is what the behavioral pediatrician told me in our appointment last week. She said it in response to me telling her all the things we were "working on" and all the things that were...Read More

I Was In The Air On September 11, 2001

I was in the air when it happened. Working as a director of training and development for a large company meant frequent travel. Every Tuesday morning, I boarded a 6:00 AM flight for either San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston or New York, and flew to meet with and train various executives. September 11, 2001 was no different. I boarded my flight from Seattle to...Read More

Dear Mom At Target

"I was complimented once on my parenting skills when I was out with my 'neurotypical' kiddo. I told the woman she wouldn't be saying it if I were with my other 2 kids. But thanked her anyway! I always make a point to make eye contact with the struggling moms at the store...give them a "hang in there" been there done that...whatever. Just an...Read More

Living In Fear Of The Next Bad Thing

Last night, just as the sun was setting, my son had an idea. "Let's build a fire outside and just relax." His enthusiasm was contagious. Although this is typically something I would not do until my husband was home (he is officially in charge of all things outdoorsy and fire-y), the sight of now both of my sons, jumping up and down with excitement,...Read More

Calming The Chaos Of Motherhood (one list at a time)

A few years ago, my best friend asked if I would be willing to stay at her house for the weekend and babysit. She and her husband wanted to get away, and she knew I wanted some time to spoil her preschooler and baby girl rotten. (Incidentally, I am always the auntie or friend that spoils your children. At this point, I just own...Read More