When I Mourn The Mundane: Grief, Loss and Special Needs Motherhood

When I Mourn the Mundane: Grief, Loss and Special Needs Motherhood

I saw them as I drove out of the Target parking lot. Two little boys, rolling down a grassy hill, squealing in delight as their momma waited at the bus stop nearby. Such a simple little scene... But I felt like I couldn't breathe, watching the oldest boy roll with abandon and wild joy. Tears immediately began to flow, and I actually had to...Read More

Looking For The Good Is Sacred Work

Scary blood test results. My ten year old son in a hospital bed, crying to go home. Signing off on expensive treatments that may or may not be covered by our insurance. Staying in a hotel room, alone, the rest of my family miles away and struggling to do life without me. Last week was one of the worst in my life, to be...Read More

Depression, Grief and the Church

"I am so low. I feel like I can't breathe sometimes," I whispered anxiously to the women's bible study leader. I was desperate for help. I had two children under the age of five. I was in the middle of a brutal divorce - a divorce that was already causing me shame and ostracism at church. I had lost twenty pounds in less than...Read More

There Is So Much I Don’t Know

I ran into a friend the other day that I hadn't seen in years. She knew us before. She had absolutely no idea what our life looks these days, had no idea about my son's diagnosis or any of the realities associated with it - she had no idea at all. She told a sweet story about my son, I smiled and thanked her...Read More