Things Doctors Just Shouldn’t Say To A Special Needs Mom

"Where do all these diagnoses come from? Are your children adopted?" I hung up the phone with the doctor a few minutes later and thought, "Well, add that to the list of awkward moments as a mom of children with special needs." There have been so many questions and comments over the years that have floored me. From professionals. From folks who deal with...Read More

This Side Of Heaven (when we are forced to watch our children suffer)

I overheard my youngest son talking to his friend last week. "My biggest dream, besides being able to feel better and not have all my medical issues because that's really my biggest dream - my second biggest dream is that the owl from Hogwarts got lost on my birthday and it's still going to show up and I am going to find out that...Read More

When Your Child Has A Mental Illness

This is the post I never, ever thought I would have to write. My youngest son, my sweet, loving, cuddly, animal loving, energetic, fun-loving ten-year-old boy, is mentally ill. It shouldn't feel so different. After an autism diagnosis, two anxiety disorder diagnosis, an ADHD diagnosis, an autoimmune disease diagnosis, and a panic disorder diagnosis, you would think the words "bipolar disorder" would somehow feel...Read More

The Constant Vigilance Of Parenting A Child With Special Needs

"It feels like our lives are totally out of control. And there is nothing I can do about it," my husband replied. I looked at my son's doctor, wondering what she might say. She looked down at her paper and wrote something. I glanced at my husband, and gave him a weak smile. "He's not used to this," I thought. "I'm usually the one...Read More

My Child Has A Mental Illness

Lately, it seems like my youngest son is slipping away from us, one mood episode at a time. There are moments, hours, and even days when things are good. Just last week, he was able to travel for Thanksgiving, see our family, and have so much fun with his cousin. It was wonderful. It was a breath of fresh air. And it was short-lived....Read More