Am I Babying My Son?

"You baby him. He's almost eleven years old and you are still helping him get his socks on straight." "You can't keep treating him like a baby. He is old enough to sleep through the night. You need some tough love here." "You are still helping him tie his shoes? Are you kidding me? How old is he? Time to cut the apron strings."...Read More

What Happens If I Spoil My Child With Autism?

My son is now officially a teenager. 13 came so fast. I still feel a strange mix of disbelief mixed with awe when I write it. My baby is 13. And, because he is becoming a man before my very eyes, I am thinking so much more about the future. How will he live alone? Will he be able to? What does he need...Read More

Am I Spoiling My Child or Accommodating His Special Needs?

Last week, I sat on yet anther couch and prepared myself for whatever the therapist had to say. She has been working with my son for a few months, I am not involved at all in their sessions. (This is social skills therapy and apparently, mommas aren't really helpful... I mean he's almost twelve years old. I get it.) So as I have sat...Read More